Mount Cameroon also known as Mt. Fako is located in the Southwest province of Cameroon, and the tallest peak in West Africa. Mt. Cameroon is known to be the biggest tourist attraction of South West Province as well as one of the most interesting touristic sites in Cameroon.
The Mountain is a volcanic origin and rises from the Atlantic Ocean to a high of 4095m thus constituting a major touristic endowment. Towering within coastal lowland region, the Cameroon Mountain referred sometimes as “The Roof of Central and West Africa”. Mount Cameroon is a part of a volcanic chain lying in a direction SW ­NE as “The Cameroon Line”.

The formation is made up of the Gulf of Guinea volcanic islands, the West Cameroon Region with volcanoes Mt. Cameroon, Mt. Mwanenguba, Mts. Bamboutos and Oku, the Tikar Plain with ancient volcanic masses.
Mount Cameroon also has outstanding possibilities for hikers. There are Ecotourism tracks marked around the mountain and depending upon physical fitness and state of training, it is possible to climb the peak of the mountain in 1 / 2 / 3 days, make a long 4 – ­5 days tour around it or make short half or 1 day walking tours around Buea.
The fastest recorded time of a hike (run) from Molyko (700m) to the Summit (4095m) is about 4h 20min and was measured during one of the famous “Mountain Races”. This international competition is held yearly in February and attracts quite large number of runners. Apart from the host country Cameroon there are many African countries represented in the Race. Also some Europeans participate successfully in the event.